Confidentiality & Conflict Of Interest

Legal Measures

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements signed before every project
  • Internal/External advisors ensure statutory compliance

Technology Measures

  • Secure transmission of data between employees by disabling all data transferable media.
  • Secure storage of data and prevention from unauthorized access.
  • Employees access to data only in matters involving his/her direct involvement
  • Outgoing email access and chat restricted inside the organization.
  • Installation of firewalls within the team working for a client..
  • 24*7 CCTV monitoring of workplace.

Process Measures

  • Legal Privilege Principle –‘Need-to-know’
  • IS0 27001:2005 Information Technology Management Certified
  • Strict ‘ethical research’/business conduct guidelines

Dedicated Teams

  • Every employee is made to sign an NDA at the time of joining and also before starting of a project
  • Information of a particular project is not shared with other teams.

Conflict Of Interest

Before initiating any project Promax checks its records for potential conflicts of interests (e.g., parties, subject matter, patents, obligations under existing protective orders or non-disclosure agreements, etc.). We do not undertake projects in case of conflicts.