Freedom-To-Operate Search

Freedom-to-operate/clearance search is a geo specific and proactive patent search performed before the commercialization of a product or at any point of product life cycle. A fulsome freedom to operate search is very critical as it helps to identify opportunities and mitigate patent infringement threats. We target granted patents while simultaneously covering pending patent applications as these if granted can prove a threat to client’s product. We also make sure to include analysis of WIPO patent applications that have client’s specific geographical country as a designated country. Our freedom-to-operate/clearance search reports include an in-depth analysis of the claimed elements in the identified relevant prior-arts by our SME’s (subject matter experts).

Our Freedom to Operate/Clearance search (FTO) reports have also assisted our clients in dealing with issues such as:
  • Merger & Acquisition with the local company which hold the rights of using the related patent application.
  • Cross Licensing with other patents which cover a part of your requirements. You can offer a reciprocal licensing of your patent, if the opposite party is interested.
  • Establishing Patent pools.
  • Lays down the foundation for Invalidation Search