Infringement Analysis/Potential Infringer Search:

Infringement Search is performed in order to find whether a product or a technology infringes upon an existing patent claim. We at Promax legal help our clients to find infringement evidence by mapping relevant patent claim elements to specific features of target products.

We have extensive in-house capabilities to perform technical evaluation of products and devices to look for evidence of use of the patented technology.

At Promax, Infringement Analysis is conducted in the following phases:

1. Phase 1 (Infringement Analysis):

The first phase of the Infringement Analysis is conducted just by reading through the patent claims and understanding the scope of the subject patent. After that quick search is performed to check for the probable companies working in the same field as of our subject patent and then finally the list of the probable infringer companies along with their probable infringing product is prepared.

2. Phase 2 (Claim charts):

The second phase of Infringement Analysis involves preparation of claim charts. Promax prepares detailed claim charts, clearly showing how each element of the patent claims is demonstrably present in the target product. These claim charts are prepared by keeping in mind the preceding of the court as the evidence used by our internal team for showing product infringement is either shown through product manuals, manufacturing sheets, white papers and other official product documents. Sometimes destructive or non-destructive reverse engineering is also conducted to ensure detailed examination of the product.