Patent Landscape Analysis

Patent landscape reports describe patent situation for a specific technology of interest to our clients in a given country or at the global level. Our patent landscape analysis usually starts with determination and interpretation of clients purpose and business objectives. A search is then performed in suitable patent databases that cover all relevant areas of technology of interest. The search results are then filtered and analyzed to answer client specific questions e.g. to identify certain patterns of patent activity, technology advancements, future R&D strategies, launch new products.

Our clients have used our landscape reports for strategic research planning and technology transfer, freedom to operate issues, identify white space or gaps in technology and to identify in-licensing or out-licensing opportunities as part of a more comprehensive market analysis.

Every patent landscape report prepared by Promax provides empirical evidence backed by search and analysis and includes;

  • Representing data graphically and In-depth taxonomy of the technology.
  • Graphical Analysis to denote the evolution of technology over time.
  • Spreadsheets listing patent details, which include patent quality rankings and details of patent groupings.
  • White space analysis for future research strategies.