Patent Mining

The experts at Promax Legal offer structural and customized patent mining services to a wide variety of clients across different industries.

We identify the strongest (STAR) patents having highest licensing and revenue by sale potential from your diversified patent portfolio.

Clients have used our services in effective patent portfolio management/optimization for not only identifying ‘gems’ and making millions in revenue but also for selling and abandoning their least valuable patents, thereby reducing huge costs in maintaining these patents.

At Promax, we just do not perform automated patent mining, we perform manual analysis with the help of our SME’s (subject matter experts) who understand technology, its ownership and widespread commercialization and apply this knowledge to your IP business strategy to help generate maximum revenue.

Our patent mining involves two-fold strategies.

Semi–Automated Analysis – Patent Grading

We offer Semi-Automated or Quick Patent Mining services to clients that are interested in an initial scan of their portfolio or to clients that are considering buying or licensing new patents.

Our in-house patent grading system enables us to grade/rate patents systematically in accordance with parameters such as:

  • Number of Forward Citations
  • Total Number of unique IPC Classes of forward citations
  • Age of Patent
  • Number of Family Members
  • Time from Filing to Grant (Prosecution Time)
  • Number of Independent Claims
  • Number of Dependent Claims
  • Global Marketability (Publication Countries)
  • Probable Infringing Companies
  • Grading the patents as:
    • Likely Infringing
    • Maybe Infringing
    • Unlikely Infringing

The weight age of each scoring parameter, for ranking the patents, is adjusted based on client’s preference.

Final Deliverable: Excel Format

Final Deliverable Snapshot

Manual - Patent Grading

Our manual patent grading service combines the patent grading parameters (part of grading system) along with the manual analysis of the patent claims, patent technology, probable infringers (i.e. high value defendants) etc. Our methodology includes:

Phase I (Infringement Search Analysis)

  • Patent Understanding (covering broadest embodiment of the invention)
  • Selecting the broadest independent claim of patent for Infringement search
  • Short listing competitors and bigger players (in same domain as our subject patent)
  • Performing search for each competitor products to confirm Infringement
  • Grading and Ranking the patents as:
    • Level 1 (Likely Infringing)
    • Level 2 (May be Infringing)
    • Level 3 (Unlikely Infringing)

Likely Infringing Patents - For which more than 80% of product information is available.

May Be Infringing Patents- For which 50 to 60% of product information is available and requires further searching.

Unlikely Infringing Patent - For which no infringing product is found.

Final Deliverable Snapshot

Phase II (Claim Charts)

Promax will prepare detailed claim charts, clearly showing how each element of patent claims is demonstrably present in target product. These claim charts are prepared by keeping in mind with the preceding of court as the evidence used by our internal team for showing product infringement is shown through product manuals, manufacturing sheets, white papers and other official product documents.

  • Precise element to element mapping: target claim elements are mapped to clearly indicate the presence of each element in the products
  • Claim element definition - Patent Enablement
  • Means plus Function claim limitations addressed using enablement from patent description.
  • Evidences for product infringement gathered from product manuals, manufacturing sheets, white papers and other official product documents.

Final Deliverable: - Format: PDF/PPT Document

Data- Detailed Claim Charts/EoUs (Claim to Product Mapping)

Final Deliverable Snapshot: