Competitive Patent Monitoring

Our competitive patent monitoring services comprehensively involve monitoring IP activities of your competitors. Patent monitoring services offered by Promax has helped our clients gain an understanding of their competitor’s current IP focus, patent filing or purchasing trends, patent disputes (including prosecution status, pending claims, amendments made in response to office actions, prior art recited by the examiner in recent office actions), strengths & weaknesses and all other relevant information that is required to keep them ahead of their competition in this ever changing IP environment.

Promax has delivered over 50+ in-depth competitive patent monitoring search services that has helped our clients create new IP development and business strategies, evaluate licensing opportunities as well as avoid infringement threats. A major asset of our analysis is to identify the hidden strategies of competitors.

IP intelligence team at Promax consists of MBA’s, engineers and lawyers who have deep expertise to understand most complex technologies and leverage from our winning methodology and sophisticated technology enabled solutions and offer state of art competitive patent monitoring services.

Patent Watch Includes:

  • Monitoring newly issued patents, as well as pending patent application of your competitors, to avoid infringement threats which would help you in the following ways:
    • Modify your products or processes so that they don’t infringe (i.e. designing around)
    • Seek a license from the patent holder
  • Taking decisions on filing pre grant and post grant oppositions

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI): 

  • Monitors newly published patent applications and/or issued patents of competitor companies and inventors.
  • Technology watch by tracking your competitors for their newest innovations in your field of interest by keeping note of any recent patent filings
  • Watch the Legal Status of desired patent applications and identify rejected/expired patents of competitors in a particular domain so that you can freely use that technology without any legal risks.
  • Effective market watch, to determine areas of research or analyze the growth in technology
  • Predicting competitors’ future products and predicting competitor’s entry into newer markets.

Final Deliverable:Presentation/PDF Format

Our reports outline the applicable information in a highly accessible and easily understood format. Various graphs, pie charts, bubble charts and 2-D and 3-D charts are provided to explain and highlight various characteristics of competitors in relation to top inventors, filing trends, publication trends, publication country, competitors location graphs, Litigation status, Acquisitions and Mergers, technology classification, products Analysis, Top IPC classes Comparisons, technological areas, conceptual analysis, SWOT analysis etc.