Patentability Search

The objective of a patentability search is to assess the novelty and non-obviousness (according to the USC 102 and 103) of the provided invention disclosure by the client. A patentability search is essential before moving to the patent office as it lays foundation for patent drafters to claim the right scope of the invention and further avoid issues of validity.

Promax Legal conducts patentability searches in more than 95 jurisdictions through our resource pool of over 40+ patent and non-patent databases. Our patentability search methodology includes broad keyword-based search, US and IPC Classification Search, Assignee and inventor based search and concept based search strategies to obtain relevant prior-arts from both patent and non-patent literature. Since inception, Promax Legal has performed over 300+ patentability searches facilitating the patent attorneys in asserting patentable claims. Please ask for a sample report at