White Space Analysis

A White Space search provides a graphical representation of the analysis performed on the relevant patents. The analysis is focused on a particular technical domain specified by the client. This analysis enables a client to identify the white space and clusters within the specified technical domain thereby enabling them bridge gaps, develop and bring innovative products to market place. Thus white space analysis leads a client to develop R&D strategies in a less competitive zone i.e. where the numbers of patents filed is comparatively low.

What are the advantages of a White Space Search?

It enables a client:

  • Develop future R&D strategies
  • Understand the latest technology trend
  • Product development within the specific technology
  • Design around relevant prior-arts

Our methodology:

  • First Phase – Extraction of Patents into a Excel Sheet.
  • Second Phase – Development of Taxonomy.
  • Third Phase – Categorization of Patents.
  • Fourth Phase – Analysis in the form of problem solution graphs, which are critically viewed to locate a least protected technology domain, hence detecting a white space.

To begin, Promax Legal schedules a brainstorming session through WebEx/GoToMeeting or directly with the clients to understand their requirement. Interims reports are then sent back to the clients at every level to incorporate their feedback. Reports prepared by us are comprehensive and outline the applicable information in the most relevant format. We are able to provide a report in almost any format specified by our clients. Our reports contain various graphs, pie charts, bubble charts and 2-D and 3-D charts which disclose the white space in the technology and help in the understanding other required relevant information.