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Biological Sequence Search

Biological Sequence Search relates to finding a specific arrangement of DNA / RNA / Amino Acids in a given patent or non-patent document.

At Promax, our team specializes in searching bio-sequences based patents, having expertise both in free and paid databases, and skilled with tools required for conducting a comprehensive sequence search. Our trained professionals include doctorates and graduates from biochemistry, biotechnology, microbiology, and chemistry andhave profound knowledge of their field coupled with years of hands-on experience of working with multiple databases. We have successfully performed exhaustive searches on the various databases covering the wide range of biological and chemical areas such as Nucleotide sequences, Protein sequences, Genomes, Macromolecular structures, Molecular interactions, Protein families, Enzymes, etc.

Our search methodology involves various algorithms searches, broad class-based searches, assignee/inventor- based searches, etc., to provide thorough coverage of all biological sequence information from patents as well as non-patent literature. We use comprehensive searching tools like NCBI, STN, GenomeQuest, PCTGene, UNIPROT, ExPAsy, GENESEQ, EMBL, SWISS-PROT, for verifying the novelty of bio-sequences.

Why Us?

  • We have conducted over 1000+ bio sequence searches for several industry pioneers, scientist and patent attorneys.
  • We perform a comparative analysis of a newly designed sequence with an existing sequence to determine the scope of the sequence.
  • We perform searching for both amino acid and nucleotide sequences to ensure a comprehensive search to get maximum hits in the dataset.
  • We go beyond to bring you all sequences – even "hard-to-find" sequences in figures and tables to have the complete picture by performing the searches on various platforms like STN, Questel Orbit, Derwent GENESEQ, USGENE, GenomeQuest, and GENBANK.
  • We not only provide the sequence mapping but also the percentage of alignment of sequence bases.
  • We carefully tackle sequences with low complexity regions with a progressive search strategy to address the objective in a structured manner.
  • We select various parameters to create search queries sing different syntaxes (e.g. matrices, gap penalties, e-value) for closed as well as divergent coverage.
  • We look for exact, sub-sequence, motif, uncommon sequence in our Identity and Similarity Search for comparing DNA or protein sequences against the sequences that are in patents or known patent literature.
  • We promise to deliver high quality and standardized search results in a well-organized professional report.
Maximize your protection and minimize the office actions by having the accurate information before patent filing.
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