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Chemical Structure Search/Markush Search

At Promax Legal, we are committed to deliver an extremely specialized and detail driven chemical structure search to our clients, performed in the adept hands of competent and skilled professionals. Our life sciences team incorporates chemistry doctorates, postgraduates and chemical engineers who have profound knowledge of their field coupled with years of hands-on experience of working with multiple databases. We have successfully performed structure searches for hundreds and thousands of compounds for several industry pioneers, scientists and patent attorneys. Our routine evaluation of the most critical subject matter has helped us in formulating the most effective search strategies, which are tailored to the needs and budgets of our clients.

Some of the key tools we use for chemical structure searches are – Scientific-Technical Networks (STN), Questel Orbit, SciFinder, ChemSpider, PubChem, and Sure ChEMBL, etc. All of our structure searches are backed by a rigorous and exhaustive keyword-based search. Additionally, our search methodology involves the study of distinctive property and behavior analysis, related background, typical usage, extensive class-based searches, assignee/inventor-based searches, etc.

Why Us?

  • Weperform over 500 chemical structure searches every year.
  • We have a dedicated team of experienced information specialists who are experts at finding the exact chemical compound, substructure (scaffold or partial structure) along with their isotopic variants and stereoisomers.
  • We discover relevant patents with precision by identifying the results based on the compound's Markush structure.
  • We employ a unique search strategy using drawings (exact structure, substructures) and text (trade name, INN, formula, CAS number, IUPAC & systemic chemical name, and SMILES).
  • We perform our chemical structure searches on various search platforms such as STN, Questel Orbit, SciFinder, SureChEMBL, ChemSpider, and PubChem, etc. Among these, the most widely used platform is STN. Because STN also gives us access to various database clusters such as Marpat, Registry, Caplus, Agricola, Rapra, Encompass, and a lot of more information.
  • We tailor the report to our client's needs Our standard fulsome search report is all-inclusive and is furnished with intricate details such as identified chemical structures, appropriate substitutions, coverage details, etc.
Maximize your protection and minimize the office actions by having the accurate information before patent filing.
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