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Patent Validity / Invalidity Searches

Invalidity Search or Validity Search is the most exhaustive search conducted after the grant of a patent. A search is conducted to identify patent or non patent literature filed or published before the earliest priority date of the subject patent. The search serves as a basis for a legal opinion against infringement or as due diligence prior to licensing, buying, or selling of a patent.

Since inception, we have handled more than 400 patent validity or invalidity searches. Our practical knowledge and over time experience of working for some of the top law firms and corporations in the world has helped us evolve various strategies to perform comprehensive validity/invalidity search and analysis. The research team at Promax Legal is comprised of engineers and PhDs, many of whom have advanced degrees and a variety of scientific specialties. We also have access to over 50+ patent and non-patent databases to cover over 100 jurisdictions. Further, we provide search services in 6 different languages through our in-house language interpreters. A 'no stone left unturned' approach is followed to ensure that each and every relevant patent is identified in our search & analysis. Promax Legal offers exhaustive validity/invalidity services at a very competitive price. Besides an hourly based pricing model, we also offer a fixed price model for our cost-conscious clients

Our Validity/Invalidity Search report includes:

  • Bibliographic details of the prior-arts
  • Series of Key-strings used to perform the search
  • List of keywords, inventors, assignee, patent classification (US, ECLA, F, IPC)
  • Color Mapping of the claims of prior art with the claims of subject patent
  • Snapshots of relevant figures
  • PDFs of relevant prior-arts
Maximize your protection and minimize the office actions by having the accurate information before patent filing.
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