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Patent Drafting & Illustrations

A patent is much more than a symbol of innovation; for an organization it is a strategic and indispensable business asset and provides the framework for its success. Our patent drafting team comprises of lawyers, engineers and PhDs having experience in obtaining patents in almost all major technical disciplines, including biotechnology, electronics, chemistry, computer science, pharmaceuticals sciences, physics and mechanical engineering.

Promax legal has provided both provisional and non-provisional patent drafting support services to companies across different industries and geographies. We have worked with industry leaders, start-ups, and individual inventors either directly or through their collaborating attorneys. Our focus on quality, cost-consciousness and personal satisfaction of the client has remained same for all our clients. We follow a meticulous approach to protect your patent rights with a practical understanding of the rules and procedures that change with advancements in technology. We are never far from our clients. Our expertise encompasses drafting services for Utility, Design and Business method patent applications.
Maximize your protection and minimize the office actions by having the accurate information before patent filing.
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Prior Art Searches

The objective of a patentability search is to assess the novelty and non-obviousness

Patent Landscape & Whitespace Analysis

Patent landscape reports describe patent situation for a specific technology of interest

Patent Monetization

Infringement Search is performed in order to find whether a product or a technology infringes

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis involves a 360 degree analysis of competitor's patent portfolio. Competitive

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